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medical typing courses

The French are the holders of good taste not only in cooking and choice of clothes, but also in the organization of his own and other peoples holidays. Famous been continuously occupied the first position in the fashion list of places worth visiting. Description beckon and promise paradise vacation - Meribel, Chamonix, Megeve . . . and of course, the famous and popular among domestic cultural and political elite of Courchevel.

About him - our article. Elevation changes on this ski resort is from 1 300 to 2 738 m and skiing can be the beginning of December until the spring. Alpine villages are located on five levels - the lowest Sant - Bon is at an altitude 1300 m, and the highest point of Courchevel - at an altitude of 1, 850 m. Those who can not ski, but really wants to learn how to help in the skiing school. It hosts individual and group exercises, and instructors are pretty well spoken in Russian. - Is not only ski slopes, but still many ways to make winter holiday in France, pleasant and healthy. The most popular sports center - Fitness center Samourai Courchevel and sports complex Forum. Here you are waiting for a variety of entertainment - a skating rink, squash, bowling and a fashionable day ice- climbing. If you seem a little - you gladly hire on a helicopter or deltoplane, in a sleigh pulled by two horses or snowmobiles. Do you still have power? Then start a pleasant evening you can in the restaurant La Pira, or in more expensive and prestigious Le Table de Jardin Alpin. To enjoy the mountain peaks, go to Le Panoramic, and your gaze will open a spectacular view of the Alps. And if the weather is clear, then himself Blanc. What is nice - here lifted the dress code! In the most chic restaurants boldly wear jeans and a sweater.

And after a delicious dinner and fine wines elite - holiday continues! Opportunity to have fun to spend an evening in Courchevel no less than in the secular and brilliant . The most popular among Russian fans Courchevel is a club Les Caves de Courchevel, which runs until morning. But shopping is not the best - in the boutiques, which are located in the Sports Complex Forum is very expensive. Not worse, but much cheaper than you would dress in the center of the fashion world - in Paris. Courchevel - a corner on the world map, which remains in my heart forever. Here reigns a luxury, shine and comfort prevails among the French proverb: " If you went to Courchevel - you are a star.

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